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I've been making ice-cream for about six years now. It's actually very easy to make ice-cream and sorbets. It only takes about 20 minutes preparation and very little in the way of special equipment, though a blender or food mixer make things much easier. No fancy ice-cream machines required, no churning while it freezes....

I mainly prepare

Some friends tell me to quit Physics and set up a gelateria full-time. I'm not so sure!

Graziella keeps reminding me to make the savoury ice-cream which I threatened.

Sorry, I don't think even the latest version of Netscape will carry ice-cream as an e-mail attachment! That's a real challenge for them to work on!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the recipes. If you're into making ice-cream, drop me a line...

Apart from the ice-cream, I also enjoy making pizza, including my own bread base and cooking Chinese stir-fries, fish and seafood. I've just included my recipe for Salmon and seafood quiche with chestnut pastry.

For further recipes, try looking up one of the internet recipe archives.

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    Mark Harrison, Marburg, September 12, 1998